Training Assessments

We make the most advanced and up-to-date courses, materials and instruction even more advanced by tailoring them to the specific learning styles, needs and environments of the people and businesses who invest in them.

New Horizons’ ability to expertly assess needs, improve skills, reinforce learning and track progress helps us deliver the highest training ROI. A pre-assessment of skill-levels identifies knowledge gaps so that training needs can be mapped to objectives. A post-assessment verifies that the required skill-level has been attained.

Pre-course Skills Assessment

Evaluating how much students have learned following a training course is a good measure of the success of a training delivery, but gauging the level of students existing knowledge prior to training ensures your delivery is both targeted and focused on what the learners want to learn. Knowing what existing skills and knowledge students have prior to a course also allows for a more accurate measure of what they have gained during the course.

There are several methods used to assess prior knowledge and skills. Some direct methods; pre-tests, interviews and auditions, and portfolios, are the most reliable way to assess students, and will help gain an overview of students’ preparedness, identify areas of weakness, and indicate a suitable pace for the course. 


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